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4 min readJul 2, 2021


Blockchain technology is revolutionizing our world as we know it. Its application and adoption is extending beyond financial technology and is seeping its way into other domains where it could affect all aspects of our lives. The realization of these applications in other domains includes mobile and web app development, and the concept of Decentralized Apps.

Decentralized blockchain-based applications, or ÐApps, are applications built on top of a blockchain and inherit its decentralized capabilities. ÐApps thusly offer a myriad of benefits: transparency, immutability, censorship resistance, and most importantly, security. ÐApps offer completely new and innovative ways to architect solutions due to its decentralized nature.

Developing a decentralized app is made easier and more cost-effective through an open-source blockchain platform. However, not all blockchain platforms are built for the needs of mobile and web platforms, and decentralized apps. Among these are ease of use, speed, flexibility, and security which are needed by real-world applications. This is where Coin Of The Realm (COTR) makes a difference — COTR was created to address the limitations of previous generations of blockchain and DAG platforms, and to make it easy to realize the full potential of decentralized applications.

Introducing Coin Of The Realm (COTR)

Coin Of The Realm (COTR) is an open-source multi-blockchain, multi-coin, and smart-object platform. It enables communities and organizations to instantly and easily build decentralized applications, and create blockchains and cryptocurrency coins on their own dedicated public decentralized ledger with a new approach to consensus.

Decentralized app development through COTR is intuitive and responsive, and every transaction is carried out with optimal speed — the very bane of previous generations of blockchains and what COTR is addressing through its innovative technologies.

Features and Benefits

COTR incorporates the ideal blockchain platform where speed, immutability, scalability, and decentralization are enabled through the following key features:

  • Multi-Blockchain
    COTR features unlimited Realms, each having its own independent public blockchain, eliminating congestion, contention, and competition for transactions.
  • Multi-Coin
    Every Realm can host an unlimited variety of coins, and every coin is transferred the same way as any other coin, and can be used for fees.
  • Smart-Objects
    Every address can be programmed with object-oriented methods representing contracts, posts, articles, media, or virtually anything.
  • Security
    The platform is highly secure, using up to 2048-bit Elliptical Curve asymmetric cryptography with a 256-bit address space.
  • Quantum-Resistant
    COTR includes upgradable security schemes, multi-signature, and automated replacement of keys during every transaction event.
  • Consensus
    COTR allows developers to choose or create pluggable consensus algorithms, including Proof of Luck (PoL), Proof of Stake (PoS), Proof of Capacity (PoC), and Proof of Work (PoW).
  • Developer-Friendly
    COTR uses familiar technologies like JSON over RESTful services using HTTP and WebSockets.

Use Case

COTR is architected to allow its use case to go beyond the norm and extend to real-world solutions, allowing communities all around the world to host their own blockchains and cryptocurrencies on the platform.

  • Communities
    Communities, organizations, and projects can instantly create their own blockchain and mint coins to distribute or offer them to members and users. Incentivizing involvement in the platform or community will revolutionize engagement and participation.
  • Decentralized Apps
    Share information without censorship using COTR’s immutable platform, not only for money but also for discussion, voting, web services, and trustless relationships.
  • Developers
    We made choices at every step to make it easier for developers to build, test, and deploy their blockchain and cryptocurrency-powered platforms. Using JSON on RESTful, WebSockets, and Object-Oriented interfaces makes everything intuitive, human readable, responsive, and fast.
  • Money
    Communities create their own coins unconstrained by congestion, contention, and competition for transaction bandwidth, and using their own coins as fees.


COTR allows communities and projects to utilize various blockchain-based capabilities, in addition to creating their own blockchain and minting one or more types of coins.

COTR also allows its users the ability to deploy to a large network of nodes, carry out cross-chain trades, choose or create their own consensus algorithm, reward miners for participating, and develop distributed and incentivized mobile and web platforms on top.


COTR’s companion wallets and mining tools are to be launched in beta the fourth quarter of 2021. To date, the Android app and Block Explorer are fully operational, allowing users to create their own blockchain and coin, and to seamlessly navigate the Realm and look up blocks, transactions, and more.

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Coin Of The Realm

COTR is a multi-blockchain, multi-coin and smart-object platform which aims to be one of the leaders of the decentralized financial revolution.